NYCC 2017: The Best of Sunday's Cosplay and More!

Before I start, I know some of you are wondering where the Punisher cosplay pics I promised are, They are coming, please be patient. That being said, I figure we could jump ahead to Sunday and post those long overdue pics (and, sorry for the delay on these, I have been backlogged forever, remodeling my house and whatnot). Anywho, let us not waste anymore time trek on forward!

Here are some of my favorite cosplays from the Sunday of NYCC 2017!

Oh shit! The Vulture is whooping Spidey's ass!

It is worth mentioning that Sunday was packed as hell! Some even said it looked more packed that Sat! I don't know if this is a fact, but I certainly didn't and wouldn't argue this statement. At the very least, it was as packed as that big day!

Anyway, back to more cosplay pics!
Best. Data. Cosplay. Ever!
 Excellent Lara Croft cosplay by this lovely, young lady.

Then all of a sudden, Cobra Commander and Snake-Eyes began to fight!

Cause, throwing the devil horns up and getting a pic with Pikachu is one of my favorite things to do at cons!
 They're Mary Poppins, y'all!
 Badass Spawn group cosplay!
 Beautiful and most excellent Dark Phoenix cosplayer!
 BMO and Marceline! Two of my all time favorite "Adventure Time" characters!
 Excellent "Hostel" cosplay FTW!

I am not gonna lie. Getting a pic taken with Spongebob and Patrick at the Nickelodeon booth was one of the highlights for me at last year's NYCC. I waited on a line, that moved pretty fast actually, and then when I met them and got the pic taken with them, I was happy as hell! 
Let me end Sunday with who I think might be the most beautiful Chun-Li cosplayer that I have ever seen!

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Ela Darling and Cam4 at Exxxotica NJ 2017

Ela Darling has discussed her VR site with us on the past on a few occasions. But, at last year's Exxxotica NJ was the first time I got to try it out for myself. Serving as the VR section of CAM4, CAM4VR, this live VR sex site is one of the coolest and hottest advancements in a porn cam siting that yours truly has ever seen.
It felt and looked very real. The cam girl was absolutely breathtaking. Her performance was sexy and hot as fuck. While, I knew she wasn't actually there in front of me, my brain kept thinking she was. It is that realistic. And, sexy, of course, as I was extremely turned out. One can interact, though, at this event that option was turned off. But, if this is that damn fucking good without the interaction, then with it, you will surely need a shit load of tissues to have on-hand.
You will need the Google Oculus to be able enjoy this, but it will be worth owning it, even if just for this. I have seen a lot of advancements made in porn, but this is without question one of the most scorching. I give CAM4VR my highest possible recommendation.

Ela was on-hand to meet fans and explain it all to them. As always, she looked beautiful and was a sweetheart. She is truly one of the smartest and most awesome ladies in the industry.
Have any of you tried out CAM4VR? If so what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below.


Exxxotica NJ 2017

Exxxotica NJ 2017, which took place on Nov. 3-5 2017, was another kick ass and sexy event. In fact, this was one of the best Exxxoticas ever which, believe me, is saying a whole fuck of a lot! As always it was filled to the brim with beautiful porn stars, who were eager to meet their adoring fans.

The beautiful Whitney Westgate was on-hand in a NY Rangers hokey jersey, surely making fans of the local team happy as fucking hell. I know my camera-man and Masters Minion, Pat Keenan, who was assisting me on this day, was feeling this way!

One of my favorite newer girls that I met that day was the cute as fucking hell Lily Adams. Not only is Lily naturally beautiful, but she had a sweet and awesome personality to go with her beauty. Might I also add that she has hell of a hot ass and nice boobs?
Lily loves meet to her fans and talked to us quite a bit. She was all smiles and laughs, as well as having a very sexy manner to her. Which led to to the hot pics I got to snap of her. She also liked my Super7 doggy skull tee and likes dogs, in general, which only endeared her more to my heart. She is definitely a new favorite of mine!
We next got to catch up with Kleio Valentien. As always, she is so sweet and down to earth that she brightens up any place where ever she is present. Of course, it does not hurt that she is gorgeous as fucking hell!
Another awesome, fresh, newer face was the sexy and gorgeous Natalia Grey. Covered in ink this stunning beauty was a breathtaking sight. I soon noticed that she had a pentagram on her outfit, which I thought was pretty fucking cool! Not soon after, we began to talk death metal, bands like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, and Diecide, as we learned she is big into that style of music. This, of course, only made her hotter in our eyes!
I had not seen Tera Patrick since Exxxotica AC in 2014. As such, it was wonderful to see her and catch up. As always, Tera looked absolutely stunning and was a sweetheart. She was signing at the Bad Dragon booth, who specialize in fantasy style sex toys and have some real wild designs, like the tentacle one she holds up in the pic directly below. Of course, she had a long line as many fans waited to meet this legendary  and heart-stopping beauty.

And, speaking of legends, Jenna Haze was on hand for one of her final convention appearances. The gorgeous porn legend had many fans waiting to meet her on her line, which was also set up at Bad Dragon.
I had not seen Zoey Monroe since the AVN Expo in 2015, when she was doing a Princess Bubblegum, from Adventure Time, cosplay. So, it was awesome to see her at this show, her first Exxxotica NJ, in a lady Thor cosplay! She looked great, needless to say and fails to make my geeky heart stop!

We end this report with the super cute Piper Perri, who is a total babe in person! Tiny and naturally beautiful, one might not imagine such a naughty and nasty performer lies behind it all. She is also very friendly and sweet, which simply adds to her charm.